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Trim and Glow uses USPS and UPS as our standard shipping partners. We charge a single $10.00 flat rate for each order. ​

Packaging materials and other expenses related to shipping and handling are factored into the price of your purchases.



All sales of Trim and Glow products are final. With the exception of defective products, we do not offer returns or exchanges.

All Trim and Glow products carry a 5-year warranty, except for the LED modules, which carry a lifetime warranty; If the product becomes inoperable for any reason, you can return it for an exchange of the same or comparable product (at our discretion). Broken, cut, or frayed wiring on our modules is not considered a viable cause for return or replacement since it can be easily fixed by the buyer. The sole exception is if the wiring breaks inside the module housing.

If the product is no longer manufactured or carried by us, we will provide a refund of the purchase price, evidenced by your providing the original sales receipt. Please contact us at