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The bigger the package, the better the discount!


Pack of 20 - Save $1

Pack of 40 - Save $3 - That's like getting 2 Modules free!
Pack of 80 - Save $15 - That's like getting 12 Modules free!

Pack of 400 - Save $120 - That's like getting 96 Modules free!

Pack of 800 - Save $250 - That's like getting 200 Modules free!


This White-light LED module is perfect for stage design elements that do not require RGB color control. Simple 2-lead wiring you can use through a single dimmer channel control, or hooked straight to a power supply for constant-lit applications. Each module has a mounting screw hole, making it easy to remove and reuse in your next design - or use the provided double-stick tape for more permanent mounting. Your modules come in a wired string (up to 80 per string) for easy mounting. Available in a variety of color temperatures.


LED Module (White) Convenience Packs

Pack Sizes
Color Temperature
  • Edge-Glowing Shapes: Figure 2.2 mods per linear foot in your design (actual measurement is 1.8 mods/ft).
    Backlit Boxes and Containers: Figure 1 mod per square foot per container in your design. Make sure you order ample RGB control wiring!

  • Be Aware: Even at low voltages, these products use electricity - which can be dangerous if care is not taken. Make sure you follow your local fire code as well as COMMON SENSE when building your stage designs. - like don't use highly flammable materials where sparks may occur! We are not responsible for your bad choices in safety and your disregard for the rules put in place for your (and your church's) protection.