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Power Supply for your stage design. "Brick" design. Supplies the needed 12 volts to as many as 90 LED modules!

NOTE: Hooking your modules directly to the power supply will simply run them at full-strength. If you want to control your lights, you need a controller, which Trim & Glow does NOT sell at this time. Buy our stuff - help us grow! 

60w Power Supply

  • This power supply can support up to 90 modules - but be aware that the light output will begin to dim when you connect too many modules end-to-end. We recommend inserting a signal amplifier between every 45 RGB modules (or every 40 white modules), or running separate control wiring from your controller to each section of modules.

  • Be Aware: Even at low voltages, these products use electricity - which can be dangerous if care is not taken. Make sure you follow your local fire code as well as COMMON SENSE when building your stage designs. - like don't use highly flammable materials where sparks may occur! We are not responsible for your bad choices in safety and your disregard for the rules put in place for your (and your church's) protection.