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It's Not (Really) About The LED

When you set about stage design, it is a work of love. You want to plan and dream about what the design represents - what the audience draws from it. You do not want to be limited by what your tools can accomplish.

We want to empower you, the designer, to set free your imagination and create the layout that you envision.

Whether it's reinforcing the sermon series of your church, creating an intimate setting for your music, or bringing meaning to the stage play you are producing, stage design is about creating the perfect mood; to help the people forget themselves for the time being and focus on the message you are trying to convey.

Trim and Glow is dedicated to finding new tools and providing unique solutions to the people who are the creators of stage design. We are passionate about those who are passionate about their stage.


If we can make it easier and more fulfilling for you, we will.

Trim and Glow proudly partners with Principal LED, a leader in the Sign Illumination industry, to bring you their products adapted for stage design. Their high-quality LED components allow us to give you our awesome tools for the stage.

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